Wishing Our Lives Away

I guess one of the hallmarks of youth is the impatience we have with the unfolding of our lives.  It seems we just can’t wait for the next assumed-to-be-pleasant great event to occur in our lives.  Moving through the grades in school, turning 16 so we can drive, 18 for a few more benefits of adulthood, perhaps graduating from high school so we can go off to college and be out from under our parents wings, reaching 21 to be considered an adult – and being able to drink legally!!!

After that comes an anticipated promotion at work, getting married (sometimes more than once), the birth of our children, finally being able to make some big purchase.  True, there are some moments in life we dread such as the illness and/or passing of a family member but all and all, life sprinkles a fair amount of pleasant things along our paths.

This “can’t wait” attitude also permeates our lives in many other ways.  We can’t wait for that big game, the outcome of a book, the ending of a movie – always anxious to know and experience what lies ahead.  Too often, the excitement in anticipating is greater than the satisfaction in savoring. You would think, however, as one grows older and there are less years left in our lives we would be less anxious to see tomorrow come.

Maybe you have acquired that elusive skill of living in the moment.  Yet for me, even at this age, I still find myself awaiting things – vacations, visitors, a good TV show, a specific holiday.  I know whatever the event, it will be here soon enough and quickly become a passing memory in my rear view mirror.  But I just can’t shake that acquired outlook about tomorrow – wondering and wanting.   I don’t know if that is a good thing or not, I just know it is a hard habit to break.

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  1. Joanie

    It is a good thing to look forward to tomorrow, because we never know how many more tomorrow’s we will see. Always hoping for something new and exciting to happen. When we are young we always look forward to the future and sometimes wish our life away. Seems the older we get the faster time goes. So live in the Moment!


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