Who’s that singing?

You often hear it from the lips of fans whose team is losing as the clock ticks down. It is sometimes even heard from the lips of those fans whose team is ahead by a slight margin as the game winds down. You might even hear it mentioned in elections. Of course, it didn’t start there; its origination comes from the opera.

What is it? It’s that well known saying, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” Those who suffer through an opera know they have to hang in there until the typically heavy set woman with the booming voice sings her last lament. What is true in sports, elections and operas is also true in life. Whatever the situation, whatever the event, you don’t really know the final outcome until you get to the end.

We all have experienced something wherein we thought we knew how it was going to turn out, only to find that fate, circumstances or luck (or lack thereof) rewrote the ending. Sometimes the actual ending is better than we thought it would be, sometimes it is worse. The problem is you can’t always depend on anything turning out the way you think. Sometimes you are right and sometimes you are wrong. Sometimes there is a pot of gold at the ending, and sometimes it is a septic tank.

The best we can do in life is accept that the unknown is part of life. When things turn out better than we expected, then thank God, your lucky stars or whatever you ascribe your good fortune to. And if things turn out worse, then roll with the punch and press on knowing that for every downside there is an upside. Life is a zero sum game.

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