Time doesn’t fly

You heard that old adage. The one that universally is said by anyone over thirty. I say over thirty because it takes a while before you start to dwell on favorable events in the past. How far into the past depends on your age. The older you are, the more dwelling you do.

But I digress for I meant to just come right out and reveal an adage I have on mind, “My/Boy, time sure flies.” It is a saying I’m sure you heard from your parents and friends, and you uttered to your friends. “My/boy, time sure flies.” Regardless of how much our life is filled today with things to do, and people and places to meet or see, there still comes a moment when things slow down, grows quiet and makes room to consider time long past.

But you see, time isn’t flying by. Time is a scientific construct that is monotonous with the steadiness. One tick of the clock is like any other. A year for you to experience takes the same amount of time as a year for someone else. And so that led me to conclude that time isn’t flying by – life is.

It is life that devours every minute, every year that we are alive. I say alive because at some point in being alive we realize that we have been stamped with an expiration date. It is then we really start to look back at our start date and, more importantly, look ahead to our end date.

It takes a few years of living to understand that someone or something deposited a finite number of minutes in our life’s bank account. And it is not until we spend quite a few that we realize that in fact we have squandered quite a few. Perhaps it is then that we realize we spent too many of those minutes on things that in hindsight were frivolous, were wasted.

It is only when we are old enough that we fully comprehend that the people and events we cherish most are missed the most. It is when we look in the rearview mirror of our minds that we can see how many of those precious minutes we travelled since we last enjoyed the company of someone special, how long ago that event was etched in our minds, and therefore memories, took place

And it is at that point in life that we begin to become wise.   It is when we can see the lyrics of the Buffalo Springfield song, “For what it’s worth” rattling around in our minds that we become wise.

I think it’s time we stop    Children, what’s that sound? Everybody look – what’s going down?

The sound is the insistent ticking our life’s clock. And we all should say, “My/Boy, life sure flies by.”

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  1. Charlotte Meyers

    Yes, John…it’s Life…not time. Thanks for the reminder.


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