Three little words

If you took all the words written about marriage advice they probably reach across the Atlantic Ocean. What more can be written? Well let’s see if I can add a few more words.

I know much advice has been given regarding maintaining a good marriage or relationship and even more so when things seem to be turning sour. Often it is recommended that the couple (and only the couple) have a dinner out at a restaurant where the food is good and the ambiance is conducive for conversation. Or it might be recommended the two get away, maybe take a cruise. My sense is much involves activities that only occasionally occur or things that may beyond a couple’s wherewithal.

So let me suggest something that is easy to do, something that can be done on the fly, something that just may help to get things back on track or stay on track. Say “please” and “thank you.” Three simple words that if used can truly help a relationship. We often use those three words when we want someone (most times a stranger) to do something for us or when someone does something for us or pays us a complement. Three words we generously give to complete strangers, even when we pay a bill. Yet when it comes to our spouse or significant other, they are rarely spoken. It is assumed that it’s what is expected and or if not, can simply be demanded.

In part those two words – thank you – are rarely spoken because we fail to take notice of the little things done for us or for the good of the household.   Maybe you think your spouse doesn’t need to hear those two words. Let me tell you that he/she deserves a “thank you”, especially if it is in response to something nice done for us.   Getting the paper for you. But it is hard to know when to say thank you when you have become disinterested in the marriage, when you think it is too trivial to respond with a thank you.

If all else is failing or if things have gotten too routine, try asking with a “Please” and acknowledge something was done with a “Thank You.” You might be surprised on just how effective they can be.

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