How did things turn out?

I happen to be a big fan of Jimmy Buffett’s music. I saw him in concert and wasn’t that impressed. But when walking the beach there isn’t anything quite like hearing Jimmy’s voice sing of the beaches, the islands and the ocean among other things. One of those other things is the subject of his song “We are the people our parents warned us about.” I guess at age 70 plus, our die is cast and we can make a definitive judgment whether we heeded our parents’ admonitions or not. And so I have. And I concluded that for me, like most of us, a more appropriate song title would be “The older we get, the more like our parents we become.”


My Dad passed away over 30 years ago; Mom’s passing was more recent – in 2001. I still miss my parents after all these years but they are not gone completely. They still sneak into my dreams.   There still are times I have a conversation with one or the other of them. We sometimes reminisce about the family of my youth, sometimes talk about the family and life today. We certainly marvel at how much science has changed our world but how little it changed the way people are. When I am in conflict about something, we still talk, I still value their advice. And sometimes I simply ask how did I do with the hopes and dreams they had for me. And I hear them answer, “John, at least you didn’t turn out to be the people we warned you about.”


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