The Masters is here again

(A timely repeat.) If you follow sports then you have some special event that becomes a must-view for you. For NCAA football fans it may be the College Football Playoff National Championship game. For those who prefer their football more professional, then it is the Super Bowl. For basketball fans it would be either the NCAA finals which wrap up March Madness while the professional viewers probably would prefer NBA Finals. And, of course, there is the granddaddy World Series.

For golfers, which include me, it probably is one of the four majors. And of all the majors, nothing lights my fire like the Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club, which starts this Thursday. While the players have varied over the years, the venue has not. Unlike the other majors, the Masters is played on the same golf course, Augusta National, year in, year out. And what a golf course it is. The immaculate fairways and greens, a plethora of magnolias, the well-placed water hazard – all showing Mother Nature at her best, albeit with a helping hands from the maintenance crew.   Sure there are Pebble Beach and St. Andrews when the British Open is played there. But none compare, in my mind, with Augusta and the Masters.

If you follow the news about the Masters you often hear about traditions and it is rich in them. From the par 3 fun time the day before everyone really gets serious, to the honorary opening tee shots to the Tuesday Champions Dinner, to the Crow’s Nest available to accommodate up to five amateurs as their sleeping quarters during Masters Week, to the awarding of the green jacket on Sunday – tradition abounds. In recent years the tradition even includes the calming voice of Jim Nance who is the primary CBS announcer for the tournament. As for the CBS theme music for the Masters’, all it takes are a few notes and I know it’s game on.

You might prefer something else to watch for those four days, but for me I am in a state of nirvana in front of our TV. It is a perfect escape from the all the dreary events in the news. Once Thursday rolls around, the world will have to wait until Monday for me to return.


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