The eye of a needle

 Things seem to not go well when we try to fit into our square selves into a round life, so to speak.  It can be done just as a square object can fit into a round hole.  But to do so, the square object must be smaller than the round hole. The smaller the square is, the easier the fit.  Too often it is the same with people.  They become less than they can be in order to accommodate their lives.  Goals become lesser, adventures become more mundane, their view of life itself becomes more myopic.  They fit into that round life with room to spare.
Conversely, there is a second way to solve the sizing dilemma, and many people take that path.  They expand the dimensions of their lives well beyond the capabilities and limits of themselves.  To continue to analogy, they expand the round life to accommodate themselves, again with room to spare.  They attack life with a vengeance.  There is no challenges they will shirk from, no obstacle they won’t try to climb over – they see themselves in all grandeur fitting perfectly into that large, round life, but somehow they never do.  Instead they rattle around in the hole, making a lot of noise but never becoming comfortable in the hole.


Obviously, the third option is to fit yourself into a perfectly fitted life – and that is tough.  To do so, you have to clearly know who you are, what your capabilities are, what your limits are, what your likes and dislikes are, what your needs and desires are.  Then, having honestly and objectively determined those, set out to find that perfectly fit round hole, that life that is most comfortable and satisfying to you.

Sadly, for too many people finding that perfect life is like trying to fit a camel through the eye of a needle, as the old saying goes.

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