Take nothing for granted

It is said (sometimes in my musings as well) that nothing is constant in life. Life has its up and downs, its ying and yang. For those who are mathematically inclined, it is often compared to a sine wave. Not only are we told that; we also experience it in our own lives and see it in the lives of others around us. It is also described in Ecclesiastes 3 which starts with that well known verse: To everything there is a season.


Yet for all our experience, for all the admonitions we get, we still tend at times to forget what we know to be true. Too often we take for granted all the family and friends that bring us happiness and joy, and all the things that give us comfort and pleasure. We simply accept they are there. We know in the back of our minds they won’t last forever, but we fail to give it the recognition it deserves.


We who enjoy all the creature comforts and things that come with a good life, such as a good job and a comfortable house, think that they are our just due and will always be there for us. Yet the recent economic times make clear that what we are given can just as easily be taken away, often times in spite of our good intentions and efforts. Down turns in business can lead to loss of job. Loss of income can lead to loss of house, car and whatever luxuries we enjoy. That, in turn, can create stress that causes problems in our relationships.


For many, other events conspire to destroy a happy marriage or relationship. It rarely is a sudden happening, but just as the clock relentlessly ticks, so is it that what once was a happy marriage can slowly erode and end. Even for those who manage to avoid this, an even more devastating thing can happen as noted in the following.


More disastrous than loss of material things, life and time can strike and take away those we love. Death is the grim reaper. In some cases we can see the end coming. In other cases there is a sudden and unexpected loss of someone we love. In either case, most times we lament our loss and the opportunities we had to say more, do more and more fully enjoy the time we had with those we lost.


There is a lesson in all this. It is a lesson being taught every day in the world around us, yet too often it is a lesson that often is not learned. Perhaps that is because so many are too busy taking care of everyday challenges to think about it. I think perhaps we who are seniors have learned the lesson better than others because we have more down time and having living longer we have lost more, especially family and friends. But be that as it may, the lesson to be learned is don’t assume all that is good in your life will remain. Nothing on this earth is permanent. Heed this well – and take nothing for granted.

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