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This week only (and maybe the week after  and the week after that and…), a subscription to is absolutely free.  Sign up and you will be one of the first to receive each new musing as it’s published.  And remember, there are no ads and your email address is used only for latenightmusings and is shared with no one else.

To get your free subscription simply go to the main page of the web site ( and enter your email address in the box provided on the right side.  Shortly thereafter you will get an email asking you to confirm you want to receive the musings. This ensures no one else is trying to sign you up.  Follow email instructions and you are done.

You better hurry; this offer will only be available for a life time plus three years.  And be sure to tell your friends about this fabulous offer.


P.S.  Joking aside, you can subscribe to, and it is ad-free and your email address is protected.

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