Sometimes there are no answers

An ambulance in Ohio headed to a hospital was broadsided at an intersection. The patients in the ambulance were being treated for injuries from an earlier car wreck when their ambulance was struck. In that second accident, the impact and subsequent fire killed three emergency medical technicians and two patients; a fourth medical technician and the driver of the other vehicle were taken to a hospital for treatment.

A while back, I wrote the following, somewhat in jest:

Three ants are crawling along the sidewalk when one gets stepped on and crushed. The second ant says to the third, “What a shame Harold had to die like that. A senseless accident; he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Yes,” says the third ant. “It came out of the blue. He had many good months left in him. I don’t know why God lets things like that happen. I’m going to miss good ole Harold”

In truth it is no joke, nor is it funny when we unexpectedly lose someone close and dear to us. It is a very sad and tragic event for the families and friends left behind. Invariably in cases like this, the questions asked by the survivors are why them, why now. Even those who believe in God don’t seem to have the answer to that – it remains one of the mysteries for them.. At best, the answer is God has a reason which is beyond our understanding.

For the atheists, the answer is bad luck, one of the quirks of living. If nothing else, it reminds them that life can be a crap shoot, and there really is a fickle finger of fate.

Yet, regardless of your beliefs, there is a universal feeling of loss. The strong bonds, the love, the relationships we form in life continue long after death severs the relationship.


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