Some things are inevitable

They say the two things you can’t avoid are death and taxes.  Like many old sayings, it is partially true.  While death is as inevitable as a sunset at the end of a day, taxes can be avoided.  You can simply decide not to pay them.  The reward for that decision is free room and board paid for by others’ taxes.  Of course, the boarding house would be a federal prison, but even a life free of worry about bills does have its downside.

However, there are a few other things that seem to be inevitable in life.  You might, at first blush discount them, but if you consider them for a while i think you will agree i am right.  The first is success.  We all have our share of successes in life though we might not think of them in that light.  Been married?  Well then, you were successful in finding a mate and convincing that partner to join you in marriage.  Had a child, children?  How could any parent not consider that as a success?  Ever get promoted at work?  Complete a puzzle?  Repair something?  Win a prize?  Successes come in all sizes and varied importance, but they are there, sprinkled out throughout our lives.  Sometimes it is worth taking the time to review your life and consider all the successes you have had.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

But just as there is ying and yang, there is an opposite for success.  That is failure.  And like success, failures come in all sizes and degrees of importance.  The first time you tried to take a step and plopped on your rear end you failed.  Think of all those tests in school you failed to answer every question right.  Ever have your eye on someone you considered special but they never gave you a tumble?  Or someone you dated then broke up with?  Failed relationships.  Ever miss getting that promotion at work you thought you deserved?  Tried a shortcut that wasn’t that short?  Our lives are filled with failures – large and small.

The amazing thing is that most times, failure isn’t the end of the road; most times we don’t fail and simply give up.  We persevere, we try again.  We try to find other ways to bypass failure and move on to success.  It is in the nature of the human condition.  And because of that, much has been improved in this world of ours over the thousands of years past.  And because failing doesn’t mean surrender, our own lives are better for it.

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