First and foremost, let me apologize for this “musing”.  It appears there may be a technical problem which does not send each new musing to all subscribers.  If I may, […]

If you follow sports then you have some special event that becomes a must-view for
you. For NCAA football it may be the …

Have you ever thought about the future? I know I have and I’d bet you have as well. The number of years into the future you think about probably varies. […]

Some think it begins in grade school when little Suzy first makes little Lucy promise to never tell a soul. Only when Lucy agrees does Suzy tell Lucy that childish, […]

It was a quiet Saturday evening when my wife and I experienced time travel. The machine? An HD TV screen. Travelled back to when? To 1976. To where? The Lawrence […]

Spring has arrived here in East Central Florida. Gone are those bitter cold days
when the temperature couldn’t quite make it to 60 and …

You heard that old adage. The one that universally is said by anyone over thirty. I say over thirty because it takes a while before you start to dwell on […]

Several months ago, I started pondering the idea of ethics and its place in today’s society.  It seems to be the missing piece in too many corporations and in politics.  […]

I was writing long before I started writing entries in my Late Night Musings blog.  Perhaps I was trying to prove to my high school English teacher, Miss Brown, that […]

I remember when I was young I was impatient to grow older. Those kids 15, plus or minus, were leaving Junior High (Middle school) and entering high school. Why not […]

Most times people say the opposite of love is hate, but I beg to differ. Love and hate are the two sides of the same coin and the coin is […]

If nothing else, we certainly have a surfeit of musical styles and genres these days. There are musical songs (in the broadest sense) to satisfy just about everyone’s taste. According […]

like me, no doubt you know many people who you consider to be very smart, who possess a high level of intelligence…  however, one of the things I have learned over the years is that there is a great deal of difference between smart and wise, between intelligence and wisdom…  …

It’s been a while, so it’s time for some stuff I pulled out of my mind’s junk drawer. ## No one told me when I got this old the only […]

Adage, saying – by either name they are bits of wisdom or observations based on personal experience or observation. They are handed down over the years and centuries. We all […]

Let me preface this by emphatically stating that I am no more of a product of the 1950s (my teen years) than any other decade. I’m 77 and it took […]

This week only (and maybe the week after  and the week after that and…), a subscription to is absolutely free.  Sign up and you will be one of the […]

Maybe you married that young boy/girl you once knew, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you got that job, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you got that promotion or bonus, or maybe you […]

A Christmas Poem I originally wrote the following free-form poem in  2009.  Sadly, it is as appropriate today as it was then.  It offers some things to ponder.   My cup […]

The virus has been conquered and the laptop new, so it is I return. For starters, I thought the Robert Frost poem below would be appropriate for this season.  The […]

You often hear it from the lips of fans whose team is losing as the clock ticks down. It is sometimes even heard from the lips of those fans whose […]

I previously wrote about elections wherein I asked everyone to take a deep breath and have faith that whatever the outcome, we would survive. As you read this, the campaigns […]

All too often there is a news story about the death of someone well known. How well known dictates the amount of publicity about the death. It ranges from a […]

I think in the past I mentioned three internet sites that blow me away with their capabilities. They are Google, MapQuest and Wikipedia. It is that last one, Wikipedia, that […]

From my mind’s junk drawer – here they are. ## If you awake in the morn and your heart ain’t beating, you know you’re gonna have a bad day. ## […]

An ambulance in Ohio headed to a hospital was broadsided at an intersection. The patients in the ambulance were being treated for injuries from an earlier car wreck when their […]

I happen to be a big fan of Jimmy Buffett’s music. However, I saw him in concert
and wasn’t that impressed. But when walking …

For some the battle is with the Big C – cancer. It is a battle some win and many lose. Then there is the other one, the Big A – […]

Of all the capabilities on the Internet, one of those I am most in awe of is MapQuest.  You simply type in the ‘from and to’ points, click enter and […]

 a recent comment by a friend reminded me of one of my favorite pieces of poetry…  it was written by Lewis Carroll (1832 – 1898)…  long before Dr. Suess there was Carroll…  his nursery tale, …

Although my memory doesn’t serve me as well as it did 10 or 20 years ago, there are still things that I recall from my childhood. That was back when […]

The never ending war   I didn’t set out to write a musing exclusively about wars involving the US in my lifetime; I actually started down a different path. But […]

It was true the last time I wrote it and it still is: “To paraphrase the saying, “My mind’s mental junk drawer runneth over. So it’s time again to publish […]

Let me tell you about a “60” that is so special that is nearly impossible for me
to comprehend, or wrap my head around …

A while back I mused about the movie Casablanca with its outstanding cast and, more importantly, about the love song that will always be associated with it – “As Time […]

Boundaries are not the exclusive properties of places on the face of the earth. True each town, county, state and country has its own boundary which is expected to be honored. Many a war
has been fought over disputes about boundaries. …

The way you wear your hat
The way you sip your tea
The memory of all that
No, no they can’t take that away from me


George and Ira Gershwin knew what they were talking about when they wrote that song.  They …

I’m sure you have heard the words before; you may have even used them yourself. Someone, talking about their relationship with another says, “He/she is the love of my life.” Or perhaps it’s,
“He/she is my soul mate.” Those …

There are detours and pitfalls in life. From the day we are born until the day we die, life is a gamble. How long the road is from birth to death to a significant degree depends on the roll

In many respects living life is like taking a ride in a cab. When you get in the cab the flag is dropped and the meter starts running. In a similar fashion the day we are born the
meter in the …

I wrote the musing below some time ago; it’s about someone I knew as a friend. The words in the musing came screaming back to mind as I read a […]

A while back I mused about the movie Casablanca with its outstanding cast and, more importantly, about the love song that will always be associated with it – As Time […]