Musings-Lite No. 23

It’s been a while, so it’s time for some stuff I pulled out of my mind’s junk drawer.


No one told me when I got this old the only thing I’d be picking up would be my medicines at Walgreen.


I was in the checkout line the other day when I mentioned to the cashier that my grandmother’s first name was Barbara, the same as her name. A young girl who was bagging my groceries mentioned that her grandmother’s first name was Barbara as well. That resulted in a brief casual discussion among us until the young girl mentioned as she finished bagging my groceries that many people said she was spoiled. I suggested that her retort would be not that she was spoiled but rather that she was deserving. She promised to use that every time someone now said she was spoiled.

(As an added service, here is how Google translates the above into French. Close? )

J’ai été dans la ligne de caisse, l’autre jour quand j’ai mentionné à la Caisse que le prénom de ma grand-mère était Barbara, identique à son nom. Une jeune fille qui a été mon épicerie d’ensachage a mentionné que le prénom de sa grand-mère était Barbara aussi bien. Cela conduit à une brève discussion occasionnelle parmi nous jusqu’à ce que la jeune fille comme elle a terminé mon épicerie que beaucoup de gens dire qu’elle a été gâtée d’ensachage. J’ai suggéré que sa riposte serait pas qu’elle a été gâtée mais plutôt qu’elle méritait. Elle a promis de l’utiliser chaque fois que quelqu’un dit maintenant qu’elle a été gâtée.


When they invent a pill that lets you remember everything you forgot, I’ll be first in line to get it, if I remember that they invented it.


There are things that happen in our lives for which we are very happy. Then again, there are events and times when life deals us a losing hand. In the case of the latter there is one thing we have to remember. There is no complaint department to voice your displeasure on how your life has gone. You may pray to God if you wish, but then in that case you need to remember that is was God who dealt you the losing hand – think of it as God’s challenge to you to overcome whatever it might be. What else you need to remember is that one of the major religious beliefs is that God never gives you more than you can handle.


I learned somewhere along the way that plans are dreams but today is reality.


You know you are living in wrong neighborhood if having a pit bull as the family dog is a must.


I have been in different churches hearing the congregations singing a hymn. I have been in other venues where a few hundred people in the audience are singing some song. In either case, in every case, they all sound the same. It seems it matter who is in a large crowd of 100 – 200 or more, they all seem to sound the same when their voices are blended.


When it comes to 2016, God/fate (your call) is the real planner, not you.


If you are old enough then you can remember being instructed to duck under your desk in case there was an atomic bomb attack. It seemed that world leaders just may have been insane enough to launch an attack. There was no way that desk would protect you when the bomb went off.

That threat seems far removed these days or at least as long as insane terrorists don’t get their hands on the makings of a bomb. These days, instead of that flimsy desk, students are now being taught how to go into a lockdown mode and even play dead if one of their classmates goes on a shooting rampage.

Only the source of the threat has changed; teaching a student how to protect oneself has not.


There’s no sense in petting the family pet if it’s a turtle.


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  1. Donna Denman Harwell Odum

    The time spent remembering what I forgot will rob me of the time I need to learn new stuff. Life is flying by. February 1st is the first day of the rest of my life on Medicare….by the way, I enjoy your musings. We must meet….have a blessed day…..Kirby’s mom…..


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