Musings-lite No. 22

From my mind’s junk drawer – here they are.


If you awake in the morn and your heart ain’t beating, you know you’re gonna have a bad day.


When you think about future generations of your lineage, consider this – the world’s population, by billions:


  • 1 Billion: 1804
  • 2 Billion: 1927
  • 3 Billion: 1960
  • 4 Billion: 1974
  • 5 Billion: 1987

6 Billion   1999

7 Billion   2011.

And the world’s projected population by billions:

8 Billion   2024

9 Billion   2040

10 Billion 2062

11 Billion 2100


Those projected dates are certainly within the lifetimes of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And speaking of future generations, how much do you think your great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren will know about you?



My swing is so bad that when I go to the range, they put yellow crime scene tape around my spot.


A high school classmate of mine wrote the following in an email – how perceptive: “How times have changed. These days we lose our email for a while and in some ways we feel stranded. Technology hasn’t set us free; we have become captives of it. We are addicted to it.”


Every once in a while, living as a senior is like a bad dream. You keep thinking you’ll wake up and be young again. Alas, not to be.


A man would rather keep on the move and drive an extra six miles than wait 30 seconds for a stop light to change. And speaking of driving, I think we all know the frustration watching cars in the adjacent lane passing you by while you crawl along. Then when you finally get a chance and you pull into that lane, it comes to a near stop.


I was telling a friend how on the range I can hit a ball out of sight. He was amazed until I explained to him how I can’t see a thing beyond 50 yds.


While buying seafood at the nearby Publix store I noticed two whole fish on the ice in the seafood department. Their eyes were still open – now that’s disconcerting


I’ve often wondered who decides what gets embossed on one or both sides of a pill.


An article in the Daytona Beach News-Journal stated that more and more new homes are being designed without formal dining rooms. This is based on data that show those rooms are only used two or three times a year. That is in comparison when many decades ago the evening gathering place was around the dining room table. So rare ate dinners around the table with all family members present now that shows like Blue Bloods and Duck Dynasty gather part of their popularity because they include family dinners.

This fact speaks a great deal of what is happening to families today. And it makes you wonder what the future has in store.


It seems as each month passes and I lean over to put my socks on, my feet have moved farther from my hands.


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