Music, music, music

If nothing else, we certainly have a surfeit of musical styles and genres these days. There are musical songs (in the broadest sense) to satisfy just about everyone’s taste. According to there are 41 styles of music. Those 41 styles cover 269 genres . According to my count there are 28 styles (a subjective yet quite liberal selection) that most of us would be familiar with or at least heard of. In those 28, there are a total of 224 genres.

I have to believe that within the total of 269 genres there must be untold millions of songs and the bulk of those are in the 224 genres. I do have to admit I am not personally familiar with such genres as Gothic Metal, Regional Mexicano, Acid Jazz, New Acoustic, Environmental, Dirty South Rap or Electronica. On the other hand, I am very much familiar with Doo-Wop, Bluegrass, Classic Blues, Christmas Classic, Gospel, Big Band and Rock & Roll – just to name a few. I assume that the Comedy/Novelty style genre includes such songs as Hello Muddah Hello Faddah, Zipity Doo Dah, Hut Sut Ralston on the Rillerah, and every song that Homer and Jethro ever sang.

I suspect music has been with us ever since a caveman banged two rocks together and started the genre Percussion. I’m sure that got tiring to everyone until grunts turned into humming. That got more of the clan involved. Then Ole Charlie Caveman one day puckered his lips and blew – that was the start of the cave (wood) winds. Now everyone joined in providing noise of some sort – which was the precursor of the Spike Jones band (look it up youngster).

Probably the best way to sum this up is to recall some of the lyrics from the song “Music, Music, Music” as sung by Teresa Brewer (#1 hit – 1950) –

Put another nickel in

In the nickelodeon

All I want is having you

And music, music, music

I’d do anything for you

Anything you’d want me to

All I want is kissin’ you

And music, music, music

Closer, my dear, come closer

The nicest part of any melody

Is when you’re dancing close to me

So, put another nickel in

In the nickelodeon

All I want is lovin’ you

And music, music, music

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