Late Night Musings has returned

As a subscriber, or perhaps as a casual reader, you may have noticed that no musings have been published the past few weeks. I thought I would tell you why.


My blog is hosted by (No, Danica had nothing to do with it). About a month ago Godaddy announced they would no longer support their proprietary software which was used to create and maintain all blogs in their system. Instead, in my view, they threw me and many more to the wolves, so to speak. The wolf in this case is a nonproprietary software package called WordPress. Apparently almost everyone in the world is nurturing this wolf.


The problem for me is that I am close to an idiot when it comes to internet technology. In spite of that I gave it a shot but it shot back and winged me.


Out of desperation, I reached out to find someone proficient with WordPress. My internet savor turned out to be Stephen Lawrence, President & CEO of InFocus Media Group Inc. Stephen knows WordPress like I know the back of my hand. In a matter of a few days he had a good semblance of the old up and running, and provided me enough instructions on WordPress to begin again. Unfortunately, all my previous musings were not able to be copied over. Consequently, I’ve had to repopulate the new latenightmusings with just a few of my previous musings. (It takes quite an effort to move each one over.)


All that said, although the site’s look is somewhat different (thanks to WordPress), the functionality and some musings are there. I guess this constitutes the first new musing.


So to the subscribers to I sincerely thank you for sticking with me. If you enjoy reading my musings, please free to tell your friends about it.


To the casual reader of latenightmusings: If you enjoy this musings and want to read more without the bother of having to access the web site each time, you might want to subscribe. It is easy to do. You can use the RSS feature or just go to the home page ( ) and enter your email address in the box provided. Then follow the directions you will get in a confirmation email (assures no one else is adding your name).


Your email address will not be used for any other purpose other than to send you a copy of my musings. Your email address is never revealed to anyone nor is it ever used for spam.   Also note that there is no advertising anywhere on my blog; I don’t do this for any financial gain; I only do it for whatever enjoyment it gives my readers.


Subscriber or not, I hope you enjoy my reflections and observation about life and this world around us.

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