John’s Not Notable Quotes #1

I was writing long before I started writing entries in my Late Night Musings blog.  Perhaps I was trying to prove to my high school English teacher, Miss Brown, that I really didn’t deserve those low grades.

In those writings I penned (so to speak) many words from which I extracted a few that I labeled John’s quotes. Given that creative period of writing ended long ago, I thought I’d share my unfamous quotes with you in a few musings.

None of these will ever roll from the lips of the wise and intelligent, nor will they ever appear in anyone’s collection of quotes. Instead I let them silently roll from your screen. Make of them as you will. They are in order that I wrote them; no attempt has been made to categorize them.


There are dreamer of dreams and dashers of hopes – we each decide which of the two we are going to be. – John

I’d rather be swept into a sea of love and be lost than drown in a puddle of indifference. – John

To hold something and know you have it, you must first open your hand. – John

The blessings are the memories – the curse is in losing those who created them. – John

Communication is the life blood of a relationship. Love is the heartbeat that keeps it flowing. – John

Every relationship is a step in life, and life is a journey, not a single step. – John

Remember Tarzan – he never let go of one vine until he had the next one in hand. – John

Honesty doesn’t necessarily mean revealing all; only in telling the truth about what you do reveal. – John

No relationship is ever stagnant. It either grows and flourishes, or withers and dies. – John

Life is not about making one big decision – it’s about making thousands of small ones that shape your life. – John

One can always be patient when you have no other choice. – John

God save me from the little old ladies and the girl next door; I can handle the bastards. – John

Happiness sometimes arrives when you’re so busy enjoying what you’re doing, you don’t even notice it’s there. – John

Sometimes the most pleasant of journeys have unexpected beginnings. – John

The peace that only comes at night, when the world is quiet, nature sings a low lullaby to those who listen, and our minds can escape the trials of the day, the demands for solutions. – John

I sometimes think of the cycle of the waxing and waning of the moon as the Universe’s way to remind us of that bit of wisdom, “This too shall pass.” – John

We may grow older but the child in us is always there if only we look. The child’s simple belief of right and wrong, that the bad guys in black hats go to jail and the good guy in white hats get patted on the back by the townsfolk, and the cowboy and cowgirl go riding off into the sunset and live happily ever after. – John

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