John’s Not Notable Quotes #4

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that following these, no more quotes for a while. My musings, however, will continue on a kind’a weekly basis.

True love has no boundaries, no limits, no end. – John

Let go, lighten up, live longer. – John

It is only when passion turns into commitment do you have love. – John

I called my shower little Las Vegas because anything I think about in there is forgotten by the time I’m done. – John

Only a fool can describe or define love. – John

Be true to thy self, and worry not friends or lovers, for in being true to yourself you are true to all. – John

The problem with dying isn’t what is to come but rather all those you love that you leave behind. – John

I have no idea why people I meet go to the doctors. Every time I ask “How Ya Doin’?”, they always answer “OK.” – John

Be yourself, love yourself – and all else will follow. – John

Beauty can be found in a painting, in nature, or a woman’s swaying back end. – John

Did you ever consider that a cell phone about a size of a dollar bill and the thickness of five quarters can answer almost any question you could conceivably have except “Who’s on first?” (Thanks to Abbott and Costello). – John

Change comes when the pain exceeds the comfort. – John

The problem is he still dancing and hasn’t realized the music has stopped. – John

Circumstances dictate all. – John

Don’t live your life so that you look back and regret what might have been. – John

Either you control life or it controls you. – John

In life, there are pleasantries and there are pleasures. Don’t get so wrapped in the former that you never experience the latter. – John

It is interesting how we make choices and decisions – never realizing the doors we are closing and opening. – John

Life is like walking on a beach; the tide comes in and then goes out. In time our footprints are washed away and the world will forget we ever stood there. But while we are here, our footprints will show the path we choose to take and where it led. – John

Love allows all else. – John

Strange how we all tend to look back when there isn’t much to look forward to. – John

The honest man, true to his nature, said I never lie; the dishonest man, true to his nature, said I never lie. – John

The impact we have on those around us is what is important in life. – John

There is always time to do, but if only you want to make the time. – Joh

Time builds some relationships and erodes others. – John

We all seek that which we are most comfortable with, like wrapping yourself up in your favorite old blanket. – John

When the very best game players are in the game – you never even know they are playing. – John

My Bonnie Ann:   Simply put – when the sun fails to set over the ocean, when the dunes disappear from the shores, when my mind fails to recall the beauty of you, when the future becomes the now and I am gone – then, and even then, I will be with you and love you. – Your John

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  1. Charlotte

    I love those, John….but especially the last one. Lucky Bonnie Ann!


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