John’s Not Notable Quotes #2

Just a few more of what my ego likes to think of as my brilliant quotes.


There are times in the day when I want to steal into your mind and softly walk around like a cat brushing against your legs letting you know I am there and wish to be noticed. – John

Acceptance of self is a difficult thing – we always expect the best from those we love. – John

Choices can only be made within the constraints of the circumstances. – John

Hell, after a bottle of wine there is no such thing as bad food. – John

I once had someone tell me they were willing to meet me half way, but in their mind they were already half way there. – John

If one is not careful, cyberspace can be the slippery slope leading downward to reality. – John

Not accepting a truth doesn’t make it less so. Only in acceptance of the truth does one come to terms and at peace with it, and allow it to fit in one’s life as it naturally should. – John

One always has choices – it’s just that you may not like the consequences of those choices. – John

The answer is waiting out there in the future; we just need to be patient till we catch up with it. – John

I have found that the people I enjoy the most are those who enjoy themselves as well. – John

Life never goes where you expect it to go. – John

One of my rules is never be afraid of the nice things in life. When you do, you end up missing the pleasure they bring. – John

One should never rain on one’s own parade. – John

Our dreams are always of the future; the past is simply something to reflect upon – John

Pleasurable things should always be taken at an easy pace so each delightful and satisfying moment can be enjoyed. – John

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