Intelligence and wisdom

Like me, no doubt, you know many people who you consider to be very smart, who possess a high level of intelligence. However, one of the things I have learned over the years is that there is a great deal of difference between smart and wise, between intelligence and wisdom. The former attributes comes in part from genetics and in part from formal study in school settings. On the other hand, having wisdom and being wise comes living life, observing life, learning from life. And just as some who attend school don’t necessarily become smart, many who live life never become wise.

To acquire wisdom, you must listen to all that is said, never prejudging. Pondering and considering are worthwhile ways to process information obtained while listening. Caring about people and being able to place people above things also helps. Not rushing to judgment is always a good plan because if you do rush, you might find later that you traveled down the wrong road. Also, being able to determine cause and effect goes a long way to avoid making or recommending the same foolish decisions time after time. And since it is impossible to see, hear, experience all that life has to offer, reading is a great way to supplement our experiences.

There are no degrees awarded to those who acquire wisdom, no written record of what you have achieved. However, it is very apparent you have it in the way you think, the way you conduct yourself, and the way you treat others.

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