Elections 2014

I previously wrote about elections wherein I asked everyone to take a deep breath and have faith that whatever the outcome, we would survive. As you read this, the campaigns are nearing an end. Once the final results are known you will be very happy about the results or dismayed beyond compare.

Unfortunately for many, the ill feelings voters harbor about the other candidate probably willlinger and continue to fester. There will be a sense of disbelief that Americans could have voted him/her into office. They worry for their country, they fret for what the next two years hold. More so, depending how intense they felt about their candidate, they may even question the sanity of family members and friends who supported the other side. Ill feelings can abound on both sides. If carried to the extreme, heated arguments will ensue and people will stop talking to family members and friends. How sad.

I was thinking how much better it would be if we ended elections as we do sporting events. In a football or basketball game, the rivalry is intense. The players have only one goal in mind – that is to win. When it is over, one team basks in victory and the other has to swallow defeat. But one of the things I admire most about those sportsmen and sportswomen is that when the game is over, they shake hands and congratulate each other. There is a sense of having been in it together. Each knows there will be another game in the future where the defeated team will get their chance for redemption.

If only we could treat elections and each other in a similar manner. Each side is fighting the good fight and there will be a winner and a loser. If your candidate wins, then remember in the past when your candidate lost. If your candidate loses, remember when you won and how you felt.

As for those who support the winner, let me remind you the course of events never goes exactly as the candidate scripted it in the campaign. There will be disappointments and setbacks in our future. And for those who supported the loser, keep in mind that in the past when the candidate lost, our country did not fall part or come apart at the seams. This is the United States, we are all Americans. We will endure.

So when this is over, remember to shake the hands of the opposition, tell them they fought the good fight. Most of all, keep talking and maintain those relationships – there is much more to life than just these elections.  

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