Back to the future

Have you ever thought about the future? I know I have and I’d bet you have as well. The number of years into the future you think about probably varies. The most popular choices to look ahead seem to be 25 or 50 years. With either number, you want a time machine to see what the future might look like, how much has changed and how much remained the same,

Well, here’s something to think about. You are in the future right now. The funny part is that the time machine we used to project ourselves is time itself. If you were around in 1990, you now are living in that 25 year future. And if you were around in 1965, you are now living that 50 year look ahead.

The interesting thing about it is how much has changed since then and how much is new. I won’t bore you with things that didn’t exist back then but exists now. I’m sure you got more than enough forwards on the subject to know them. You just start with the internet and go from there.

But what is equally interesting is how much didn’t really change. Men still wear suits and ties and women still wear dresses, Yes, perhaps not as much given the acceptance of casual dress, but they are still around. Cars are still around (too many of them many would say) although they have changed body shape, the engines are so much better and they have electronics never even dreamed about 25 or 50 years ago. The changes in refrigerators, stoves, washing machines are fantastic.

But here is the big “but” about all those items. They still are around and their functionality hasn’t really changed. We still get from point A to point B in cars. We still store food in refrigerators, cook with stoves and wash clothing in washing machines. And, sadly, we still are fighting wars.

So you see, the future you dreamed about, the future you wondered about back then is here and you are living it. The 25 or 50 years have passed and you are living in the future of back then.

Now armed with those thoughts – what and how do you think things will be in 2040 and 2065? Some are going to live those futures and know.

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