more years ago than I can count, under circumstances I can’t recall, I learned a poem…  it has stayed with me over the decades…  this is it:

If you place your nose on the grindstone rough,

  and keep it there …

There are many things in life that are difficult to do. Probably one of the most difficult is to apologize. Be it in a relationship, in business or in government, […]

To paraphrase the Broadway and movie title – something funny happened on the way to 2016. Of course to know something happened, you had to be around well before 2016. […]

Some time back I turned some of my late night musings into a book (update: done).  Knowing they are inconsequential in the great scheme of things and wouldn’t interest a […]

They say the two things you can’t avoid are death and taxes.  Like many old sayings, it is partially true.  While death is as inevitable as a sunset at the […]

I’m sure you have heard the words before; you may have even used them yourself. Someone, talking about their relationship with another says, “He/she is the love of my life.” […]

  This is a different kind of musing; none of my thoughts or observations. In fact, unless you were around in the 1950s, as I was, it will probably be […]

I guess one of the hallmarks of youth is the impatience we have with the unfolding of our lives.  It seems we just can’t wait for the next assumed-to-be-pleasant great […]

Just as I can’t undo those events in 2015 that were not of your liking, I can’t promise you that you won’t experience any unpleasant events in 2016. That is […]

Christmas might seem to be a strange time of talk about a Nero Wolfe novel by the author Rex Stout.  However, the murder mystery, Christmas Party, is one of four stories in his […]

If only I were as wise and as great a writer as Mr. Church.  This is a perfect answer to a question; a rebuttal to those whose hearts and minds […]

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts…” William […]

Gabriel Heater, a newscaster on old time radio, used to start his news broadcasts with one of two openings. It was either “Ah there’s good news tonight” or “Ah, there’s […]

My cousin, who is a more accomplished poet than I am wrote to say her professor challenged her to think of 10 words relating to a secret place of hers […]

When I am responding to a ‘request to leave a message’ on a phone, I talk like I am talking to the voice-to-text feature on my cell phone. I wonder […]

The Bible is many things.  Depending on your religious convictions or lack thereof, it is a book of history, it is a book of genealogy, it is a book of […]

If you subscribe to Facebook (I think only three Americans don’t), then you know it is full of commentary, pictures, videos and ads. And if you happened to “friend” a […]

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that following these, no more quotes for a while. My musings, however, will continue on a kind’a weekly basis. True love has no boundaries, […]

My friend Billy and I live in different states now. A few years ago we were coworkers at a place called NPIC ( ). Now we stay in touch […]

Why? A friend sent me one of those humorous emails we all get. The original email contained several questions that, while valid, were also amusing to contemplate. Two examples are: […]

 the other day a picture of  a rapper, Bow Wow, flashed across the screen and included a quote that said something like – “I may be young but I feel more like 50″…  you often hear parents speaking of a young child as “7 going on 37″…  with all due …

about 2 miles inland from here there are train tracks that run north south, and probably 5 to 6 times a day a train travels over them… since there are several main roads going west to east, from I-95 …

In Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, The Raven, the constant answer of that famed bird is the word “Nevermore”. I’m hard pressed to think of any other word more definitive, more […]

My apologies if you already received this musing.  I have been informed several subscribers have not received the initial publication of this, therefor this. It seems my cup runneth over […]

It seems my cup runneth over with Musings-Lite. Given that, I thought I’d do another Musings-Lite and share a few more with you. I promise you a break for a […]

Maybe it’s just that I am lazy and don’t want to expound on the topics below, but then they make nice Musings-Lite entries. — You waited more than a year […]

(READERS’ NOTE:  I originally wrote this for the 4th of July, 2007. I thought, with minor alterations, it is worth repeating.  John)

On this 4th of July holiday, I think it is time for …

The local newspaper, the Daytona Beach News Journal recently published an article about
cursive writing in public schools and how it is being phased …

If you took all the words written about marriage advice they probably reach across the Atlantic Ocean. What more can be written? Well let’s see if I can add a […]

The junk drawer of my mind is overflowing so I thought I’d drop a few more of my musings-lite on you. ## Remember all the hoop-la. Remember the red carpet? […]

Another graduation speech It is another spring which means it is also another season of baseball as well as the windup of college and professional basketball. It is, however, also […]

Each graduation season I republish two pseudo-graduation, unspoken keynote speeches. The first came when my stepdaughter graduated from nursing school. The second came because I had a few more things […]

I once wrote about friends you leave behind when you move. Good intentions said the bond would remain strong. But time and distance have ways of overcoming good intentions. And […]

They say the hierarchy of stress situations in 1) death in the family, 2) divorce and 3) moving. I have managed to avoid the first two, but I am in […]

To new subscribers: welcome to the land of Late Night Musings… They say garbage in, garbage out. The following is what came out of the junk drawer of my mind. […]

Life has thrown many challenges, many dares at me. Sometimes it was a chance to do something different in my life or with my life. Whatever it was, it was […]

life has thrown many challenges, many dares at me…  sometimes it was a chance to do something different
in my life or with my life…  whatever it was, it was something …