A Christmas Wish for You and Yours

Christmas might seem to be a strange time of talk about a Nero Wolfe novel by the author Rex Stout.  However, the murder mystery, Christmas Party, is one of four stories in his novel, And Four To Go.  As the story’s title might suggest, the murder took place at a Christmas party hosted by the murder victim, Kurt Weill.  At one point during the party and before his murder, Weill gave a toast to Christmas.
Although I read that story sometime ago, I copied that toast for it seems to succinctly express the feelings and emotions we all have during the Christmas season.  It is a time when for the moment we set aside our ill feelings towards others.  It is a time when we experience the joy in giving as well as the joy in receiving.  It is a time to share time with family and good friends.  It is a time when love and caring looms large in our lives.  For so many reasons it is the most precious of holidays we celebrate.
It is in writing this musing that I realize how inadequate I am as a writer to express the warm thoughts and feelings I have for you – family, friends, and readers of my musings.  Knowing that I may have given you a few moments of enjoyable reading or touched your life in some small way is perhaps one of the greatest presents I can receive.  While it might not appear under the Christmas tree, it is a gift that I will long remember.
Now let me retell the toast by Rex Stout as spoken through his character Kurt Weill; I could not have said it better.
“I repeat, there are times when love takes over.  There are times when all the little demons disappear down their rat holes, and ugliness itself takes on the shape of beauty; when the darkest corner is touched by light; when the coldest heart feels the glow of warmth; when the trumpet call of good will and good cheer drowns out all the Babel of mean little noises.  This is such a time.  Merry Christmas!  Merry, merry, merry!”
So in this simple Christmas musing, Bonnie and I want to wish you and yours the merriest of Christmases, and the peace and comfort that comes this time of the year.  May these good tidings be with you in the coming year.  Blessings to you and yours, to each and everyone.

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